Global Collaboration:
Successful Interaction with Business Counterparts around the World

As your organization expands globally, your leaders will venture outside their home country and collaborate with people who do not share their way of doing business. Success depends on how competent your leaders become at developing productive relationships with their international counterparts.

Through our portfolio of development initiatives, refined over years of working with Global Fortune 500 companies, we help strengthen leaders’ appreciation of key differences in “how people work” around the world; and we help develop the competencies and strategies to successfully address these differences.

Our Approach
MindLab offers support for global collaboration at three different levels. First, we offer customized coaching and expert mentoring to individual leaders, supporting them in taking on increasingly international challenges.

Secondly, we support multinational executive teams to ensure that differences in “the way we work” do not interfere with their success. We employ our “learning-in-action” methodology so team members work together more collaboratively and effectively in pursuit of their key business objectives.

Lastly, we bring our expertise and best practices for successful international collaboration to groups of leaders, through a blend of customized coaching and facilitated development workshops.

Below are brief descriptions of projects we’ve completed with success for our clients:

  • For over three years, MindLab has worked with a Regional President for Asia/Pacific in a large global manufacturing corporation, to design and execute customized International Business Coaching sessions to position the leader to achieve the organization’s business objectives.
  • Following a restructuring of a global pharmaceutical organization, which established new global leadership teams with members from all continents, MindLab consultants designed a three-module action-learning initiative to equip the newly formed global teams to work together successfully.
  • When a large global oil and gas company in the Middle East entered into a new JV with an Asian counterpart, MindLab supported individual board members, executives, and senior leaders by providing ongoing expert mentoring to ensure proper collaboration. MindLab also supported the newly formed leadership team in developing its effectiveness  as it built-up the organization and set its strategy.