Organizational Transformation

Do you need to transform your organization or one of its business units? Perhaps growth has made existing structure obsolete; perhaps financial or competitive pressures are forcing you to evolve your delivery model; or perhaps you simply want to enhance organizational effectiveness. MindLab consultants around the world will help you, bringing years of experience in supporting organizational transformations in complex, multinational environments.

Our Approach
Our customized approach is structured in the following manner:

  • Assessment: gaining an understanding of your organization’s strategy and of the strategic need behind your transformation effort. We then analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the existing organizational structure and key business processes.
  • Design: developing alternative scenarios and defining the associated cost / benefits analyses. We then facilitate a process whereby your leadership team selects and aligns behind the scenario that will deliver the expected results.
  • Implementation: defining a plan that will help the remainder of the organization to align behind your choice; and,
  • Facilitation: executing small and large-scale leadership events to kick-off the implementation.

Below are brief descriptions of organizational transformation projects we’ve completed with success for our clients:

  • Management Delayering: A multinational company with operations in over 50 countries decided to eliminate its regional layer of management and redistribute regional responsibilities to the corporate and country levels. MindLab consultants were called in to work with corporate executive vice-presidents and Managing Directors in key countries to help them define their desired organizational structure and the roadmap to achieve it. MindLab’s work was instrumental in ensuring that the roadmaps at both levels were aligned.
  • Growth-driven restructuring: A European-based, industry-leading multinational had experienced a compound annual growth rate of more than 10% for over five years. Consequently, it needed to restructure one of its largest corporate functions to assume a greater role in creating global synergies. A MindLab partner was hired to design potential structures and, once one was selected, define the specifications for each position in the new structure. The business line support functions of the company’s largest division were similarly realigned.